An organization of workers, formed for the purpose of negotiating with employers on matters of wages, seniority, working conditions, fringe benefits, and the like. A league; a federation; an unincorporated association of persons for a common purpose; as, a trade or labor union. A joinder of separate entities. State ex rel. Dawson v. Dinwiddie, 186 Okl. 63, 95 P.2d 867, 869.
A popular term in America for the United States; also, in Great Britain, for the consolidated governments of England and Scotland, or for the political tie between Great Britain and Ireland.
See also agency shop
- right-to-work laws.
@ closed union
Union with highly restrictive membership requirements such as high initiation fees, and long apprenticeship periods.
See also closed shop; Compare open union, below.
+ closed union
A labor union whose membership rolls have closed.
@ company union
Union formed or sponsored by the employer. For all practical purposes, such union is now illegal because employers are prohibited from interfering with union representation by the National Labor Relations Act.
+ company union
Union whose membership is limited to the employees of a single company. Union under company domination.
@ craft union
Union composed of members of the same trade or craft, as carpenters, plumbers, etc. regardless of the company for which they work.
@ horizontal union
A craft union which cuts across employer or industry lines.
@ independent union
Union formed by employees of a particular employer without affiliation with an international union.
@ industrial union
Union composed of workers in a particular industry regardless of their particular trade or craft, as for example, the United Automobile Workers union.
@ international union
A parent union with affiliates in other countries such as Canada and Mexico.
@ local union
A union of workers in one plant or location but affiliated with a parent or larger union. The local is the bargaining unit of the union.
@ national union
A parent union with locals in various parts of the United States, though not outside the country.
@ open union
A union whose admission requirements are relatively easy to meet.
See also open shop; compare closed union, above.
@ union shop
Exists where all workers, once employed, must become union members within a specified period of time as a condition of their continued employment.
See also closed shop
- open shop; right to work laws.
@ vertical union
An industrial union organized along lines of industry and not craft
@ union certification
The process by which an official, governmental body such as the National Labor Relations Board declares that a particular union has qualified as the bargaining representative of the employees of a company or industry by reason of a majority vote of the workers
@ union contract
A written agreement between the union and employer covering such matters as wages, seniority rights and working conditions

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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